aviation services management

Mobile app

  • dispatcher sends tasks and operational information to the executor’s mobile device
  • dispatcher receives task operation status updates from the executor’s mobile device
  • executor is shown a task list based on their role
  • search for requests by tail number, flight number
  • executor’s tasks are categorized into in-flight and non-flight tasks
  • task handling functionality for executor: request acceptance, task completion recording, customer representative signing, change submission to dispatcher’s desktop
  • photographic evidence of task
  • fuel calculator with data saving feature
  • mobile app Automatic notification of new version availability, app blocking during critical updates. Manual update to the latest version. Display of the current app version

Authorization and access rights

  • implementation of role-based identity and access management using Keycloak
  • authorization via Single Sign-On (SSO)


  • unified centralized database with regulatory and reference information, utilized across all system modules
  • handbook updates via the administrative panel
  • handbook management via the user interface

Daily flight schedule

  • the airport’s daily flight schedule displays imported flight data from AODB
  • fast filtering system (yesterday, today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow)
  • display of current service status on the flight
  • flight card, showing operational information about the flight, including traffic load, fuel data, and list of completed tasks
  • user interface for configuring aircraft scheduled maintenance
  • creation of an electronic aircraft maintenance card

Client portal

  • creation of a request by the client with the ability to attach files in docx, msg, pdf, xlsx formats
  • real-time tracking of request progress
  • client confirmation of request completion via electronic signature in the mobile app or personal account
  • access to electronic service provision registers

Revision history

  • viewing the revision history and status updates

Search system

  • quick search functionality for orders by number and title. Flexible filter customization by order number, client, airline, service name, status, and time period


  • tariff calculation in the request is performed after successful automatic verification
  • management of client profiles and contractual conditions
  • user interface for tariff directory maintenance
  • service cost calculator


  • generation of an electronic register of provided services for client billing
  • automatic generation of pdf files for closed requests

Data export

  • configuration of file exports to client resources


  • dispatcher chat with the client
  • dispatcher chat with the executor
  • automatic messages to the executor when changing the aircraft number or location
  • telegrams (LIR). Linking messages to a flight, with the ability to send any text information to the executor
  • emergency notifications. Sending notifications via SMS, e-mail, or a telegram channel, according to the event handbook and subscriber groups


  • module for recording cargo/luggage/mail transshipment operations
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No-code system (setup without programmer involvement) with the following functionalities:

  • shift management
  • resource management
  • checkpoints
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  • user’s account: vehicle registration for territory entry, parking space reservation, shuttle ordering
  • administrator’s account: client management, parking space management, route management, parking usage registry
  • dispatcher’s account: driver and shuttle availability, task assignment
  • shuttle driver’s account: task reception and execution along the route
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  • maintaining a register of customer appeals (Claim, Lawsuit/Court, Directive, Complaint, Request)
  • categorization of registers by company activity fields
  • control and operations with investigation materials
  • investigation cycle with control over response provision and status updates
  • task assignment for processing information requests in the employee’s personal account with notification options via push notifications, e-mail, SMS
  • recording and investigation of external audit results
  • recording and investigation of internal audit results
  • process monitoring
  • consumer satisfaction analysis
  • official investigations
  • corrective and preventive measures
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  • tracking and automatic control of employee qualifications and licenses
  • planning for employee training and retraining
  • management of training programs and classification
  • management of training profiles
  • generation of requests and full cycle of client approval
  • control of training completion and maintenance of training history
  • calculation of training debt
  • full cycle and process of e-learning
  • management of staff qualifications and generation of supporting documents
  • publication and review of technical documentation through personal account via basic electronic signature
  • control of licenses and refresher courses for maintenance personnel
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  • authorization via the company’s Unified System of Identification and Authentication
  • synchronization with HR systems (1C ZUP, SAP) for automatic creation of employee personal accounts and contact service information
  • management of personal accounts of individuals interacting with the company
  • access rights assignment from personal account to various organizational resources (including IT systems) based on position profiles
  • staff, managerial, and operational deployment management
  • personnel shift management and timekeeping
  • personal HR information
  • personal tasks for review of regulatory documentation, training, and other tasks
  • address book
  • company news feed
  • personal service requests (HR, accounting)
  • employee vacation schedule planning based on job profile and overlap control
  • synchronization with HR system for planned and unplanned vacations
  • vacation request submission and approval cycles according to the company’s organizational or functional structure from the employee’s personal account
  • employee vacation balance limit control
  • notification of planned and processed vacations via push notifications, e-mail, SMS and review with basic electronic signature
  • review of vacation orders with basic electronic signature
  • handling personnel requests
  • executor assignment and control
  • personnel communication
  • mass request sending
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  • management of company-wide document cards
  • unlimited document placement and storage
  • document section structuring
  • document card categorization through tagging
  • employee access to company-wide documents based on position profile from a secure personal account via the internet and intranet from desktop or portable devices
  • limited document access for partners and contractors through the admin panel
  • task assignment for document review based on position profile or individually with notification options via push, e-mail, SMS
  • document review and review confirmation via basic electronic signature from personal account
  • document review control and creation of legally valuable electronic review sheets
  • section structuring for business processes and roles (accounting, budgeting, financial control)
  • report categorization by activity type
  • report access based on position profile
  • task assignment for document review based on position profile or individually with notification options via push, e-mail, SMS
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  • technology for collecting and processing all operational metrics of a ground operator
  • methodology and preset dashboards for monitoring the efficiency of a ground operator
  • no-code technology for creating personalized analytical reports
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  • user’s account: menu, orders
  • admin’s account: supplier order registry
  • supplier’s account: foodservice outlet, menu, dishes, calendar
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